“I have worked with Rebecca at Simplicity Design many times over the past year. We tackled one room at a time in my cluttered home, and worked out systems of organization that actually work for me! She helped me to turn a small room which had been jam-packed with my creative supplies into an open guest room with floor to ceiling shelving on one side, which holds all of my art supplies. I didn’t have a vision of what the room could be, but Rebecca helped me step by step to make it a functional and aesthetically pleasing studio/guest room, more lovely and practical than I could have imagined. Rebecca suggested and created personalized solutions to the perpetual tornado which had been my bedroom and bathroom, which I have been able to keep up for months. She even helped me create a display wall for my collection so that it didn’t clutter my living space! I recommend Rebecca wholeheartedly, with no disclaimers. She works with people rather than just doing it her own way; she has helped me, step by step, to make my home a place I can invite people to and be proud of.”
— Sherry E.

“If you want to de-clutter your life and find out what items in the space you inhabit really bring you joy, then I highly recommend Simplicity Design. High quality, great value (very reasonable pricing) and Rebecca is so kind and easy to work with. There is no judging or shaming! I am so happy with the results I have seen both in my smaller projects and even in my garage which always intimidated me. Rebecca has taught me that choosing those things which bring me joy and putting them on display in my home really makes my spirit feel lighter and more peaceful.”
— Tina M.