Organizing is simple by design

Rebecca R. Schaeffer

Professional Organizer, Founder


We all have “stuff” in our lives. Some of it can support us, and some of it can weigh us down. Our home and our possessions should be serving us, not the other way around! Through the process of simplifying, we can identify -- and make space for -- what truly matters. In the busyness of our day-to-day lives, there may come a time when we’re overwhelmed, when something hard happens and we’re forced to face it. For better or worse, I know what’s that like.

When I was 18, my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She passed away three years later. At that time, I was her sole caretaker. I sold her house, packed up what I thought I’d want for my future life (as if I knew at just 21!) and moved a U-Haul’s worth of possessions a thousand miles -- from her home state of Missouri back to my home in North Carolina. It took me several years to really sort through it all, while still dealing with the loss of a parent.

For me, the process of dealing with this stuff (which became “my stuff”) is how I found myself. Facing this kind of change at an early age helped me define my values and what matters to me. And over the years, I’ve found ways to simplify and curate the “stuff” of life so that it brings more beauty, harmony, and meaning -- highlighting what truly matters in Life.

I’ve also learned along the way that building positive relationships with the spaces and things in our lives doesn’t come easily. It’s not simple, and too often, it’s overwhelming. We can have no idea where to begin, or what steps to take to create the meaningful change that we crave.

This is why I created The Simplicity Method of organizing and founded Simplicity Design in 2018 – to help you, step-by-step, to successfully manage the “stuff” in your life or business. Between my own firm and working for others, I’ve been a professional organizer for the past three years, partnering with 50+ clients. And with by my MBA from Duke, my work for businesses and corporations covers both the organization of physical space and the creation of virtual business and time management systems. I’ve found that no matter the need, whether personal or professional, organizing “stuff” has its own unique challenges.

Whatever your current relationship is to the “stuff” of Life, one thing rings true: when it comes to dealing with it, it’s always harder to go it alone. I’ve been there myself, and it is my greatest joy to be there for you. As a caring partner, I can work alongside you - helping you navigate the clutter and give you sustainable ways to conquer it. And I can also listen, and let you choose, so this mounting pressure that you may feel about your space, your life, your business, or the chapter you’re in, can become a little easier to face.

We all have different relationships to our “stuff.” If I can play a part in helping you make those relationships better ones – maybe even more happier and more purposeful ones – that’s the most rewarding job I can do.

So if you want to take a look at your spaces together, I’m here for you – every step of the way.